Faculty of Behavioral Sciences

Student shall acquire higher order knowledge of the subject under a supervisor. It shall enhance the skills, and know-how of doing a piece of research on a topic leading to specialization. Further, the productive work of a project report will also imbibe a feeling of competence and mastery in tackling a research problem. Each student has to submit a project report. There shall be a focus on gaining skills for psychological research in thrust areas. The topic of the project shall be finalized at the beginning of fifth semester in consultation with a faculty member assigned by the department. All the topics shall be approved by the department/faculty on the basis of the presentation of the synopsis of the proposed project. It will be evaluated out of 20 marks (internal assessment). A report as per the schedule notified for the end term exam shall be submitted by the candidate.American Psychological Association (APA) style of writing to be followed in project writing. Report shall be evaluated jointly by the internal and external examiners out of 80 marks. Every candidate should submit two copies of the project report in soft binding. It should be typed in 1.5 spacing on both sides of the paper, total pages should not exceed 60 (excluding references, appendices etc.). While preparing the research paper out of the work by the student/supervisor who shall mention the name of faculty and the SGT University.

Admissions Open 2019-20