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Psychology is the science of human behavior and experience with several branches. Clinical Psychology is one of the most important branches of applied psychology. Due to so many biological, social and individual factors,  the behavior of the people is not always normative, desirable and appropriate. Several kinds of behavioural pathologies are seen in people. The full-fledged specialties of medicine, i.e., psychiatryand neurology are devoted for the prevention and treatment of abnormal behaviors. Whereas Clinical Psychology focuses on psychogenic behavioral pathologies with its own theory and practices. Students graduating in this discipline shall acquire the fundamental knowledge of psychology and clinical psychology with inputs into psychotherapy and psycho-diagnostics. This foundation course shall direct them to take on some of the specialized professional courses to take on professionalism and may join higher studies. Now a day there has been a rise in psychopathology owing to various pressures in the life, fast changes in social structures and environmental pressures. These are altering the social dynamics at large and forcing the individuals to match and make the corresponding adaptive changes in life. This program caters the need for specialized training in clinical area of specialization in the broader discipline of Psychology. There is a need of such an orientation right at the graduate level in order to meet the demand of specialized Clinical Psychologists in the country.


The primary goal of the course is to introduce students with the basic knowledge of psychology, the foundation of clinical psychology and orienting to a professional course in the field of clinical psychology with emphasis on skill inculcation for assessment and diagnosis to further make relevant psychological interventions.


  1. To provide an integrated, academic, practical and clinical exposure to the students.
  2. To orient students to the specialty of clinical psychology.
  3. To make students understand basic concepts of psychology with application in relevant psycho-social aspects.
  4. To develop sensitivity for psychological dimension in dealing with every day routine.


3 years (6 Semesters) Regular Mode

Eligibility:10+2 with minimum 50% marks in aggregate of the best 5 papers.

Vocational Opportunities:

  1. Joining Master’s course in Clinical Psychology/ Counselling Psychology/ Health Psychology/ Applied Psychology/ Cognitive Neuroscience etc.
  2. Working as assistants to professionals practicing psychological interventions

Core Department:

Department of Clinical Psychology, Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, S G T University.

Teaching Strategies:

The program intends to integrate different pedagogies including didactic, small group discussion, students’ and teachers’ seminars, visits to relevant departments in SGT Hospital and Medical College, community visits, exposure with some professionals, field training and making a research reports. Students shall have hands-on training with the tools and techniques in the laboratory and field.

B.Sc. Clinical Psychology program is a six semesters course (3 years program), with 2774 hours of teaching for the entire course. Out of the total hours, theory teaching (Papers) will be of 1344 hours and practical will be of 1430 hours. The teaching will be carried out on various papers (23 papers = 23 theory and practical). In addition, there will be 4 qualifying papers. The students will be doing practical work in various service centers and laboratory.The theory teaching will be class room based knowledge acquisition of the subject matter, while practical exposure shall include laboratory and community settings.

Heads Semester-wise Total Hours/Course
Project 128 Hours x 2 256 Hours
Field Training 128 Hours x 2 256 Hours
Summer Training 150 Hours 150 Hours
Practicum:    Experiments &Testing 128 Hours x 4 + 160 x 1 + 96 x 1          768 Hours
Total Teaching Hours                             1430 Hours


CourseDistribution: The B.Sc. program will be of three years duration divided into six equal semesters of 16 weeks each.

The papers covered in 1st Semester will include:

  1. Foundations of Human Behavior
  2. Experiments in Psychology
  3. Child Psychology
  4. Schools of Psychology
  5. General English: Essentials of Communication
Topic (Subject-wise)               Hours Credit Hours
Modular teaching of 5papers 256 Hours 85
Practicum 128 Hours 43
Total Teaching Hours 384 Hours 128
The papers covered in 2nd Semester will include:

  1. Cognitive Processes
  2. Physiological Psychology
  3. Measurement in Psychology
  4. Adolescent Psychology
  5. General English: Communication Skills
Topic (Subject-wise)               Hours Credit Hours
Modular teaching of 5papers 256 Hours 85
Practicum 128 Hours 43
Total Teaching Hours 384 Hours 128


The papers covered in 3rd Semester will include:

  1. Social Psychology
  2. Abnormal Psychology
  3. Health Psychology
  4. Basics of Personality
  5. Field Training
  6. Environmental Science
Topic (Subject-wise)               Hours Credit Hours
Modular teaching of 5papers 256 Hours 85
Practicum 128 Hours 43
Field Training 128 Hours 43
Total Teaching Hours 512 Hours 171
The papers covered in 4th Semester will include:

  1. Research Methods
  2. Statistics in Psychology
  3. Psychological Testing
  4. Industrial Psychology
  5. Field Training
  6. Gender Studies

Commencement of Summer Training after the examninations

Topic (Subject-wise)               Hours Credit Hours
Modular teaching of 5papers 240 Hours 85
Practicum 160 Hours 43
Field Training 128 Hours 43
Total Teaching Hours 528 Hours 171


The papers covered in 5thSemester will include:

  1. Psychology of Ageing
  2. Psychotherapeutic Interventions I
  3. Guidance & Counseling
  4. Neuropsychology
  5. Project
  6. Summer Training

Evaluation of Summer Training, Commencement of Project work

Topic (Subject-wise)               Hours Credit Hours
Modular teaching of 4papers 192 Hours 85
Practicum 128 Hours 43
Project 128 Hours 43
Summer Training 150 Hours 50
Total Teaching Hours 598 Hours 221
The papers covered in 6th Semester will include:

  1. Psychotherapeutic Interventions II
  2. Integrated Psychological Interventions
  3. Disability and Rehabilitation             .
  4. Project

Evaluation of Project work

Topic (Subject-wise)               Hours Credit Hours
Modular teaching of 3papers 144 Hours 85
Practicum 96 Hours 43
Project 128 Hours 43
Total Teaching Hours 368 Hours 171
Overall Total 2774 Hours 990

 Professional/Clinical Training:

  • Students shall acquire training in clinical settings, such as hospital, schools for mentally challenged, drug de-addiction centers, rehabilitation centers etc.
  • Students shall participate in community settings – institutional, villages, slums etc.

Research Training:

Project report is an essential part of the course, where the students will undertake a specific research oriented plan to have an understanding of the methodology and statistical analysis with required theoretical inputs for the analysis of data and its interpretation. The project will be undertaken in laboratory/ community settings/ clinical settings. The field training is also oriented to research where the students are supposed to prepare a report.

Summer Placement:

Each student shall be placed in a psychiatric OPD/IPD or a center dealing with mentally challenged, drug addicts etc. for 2 months as decided by Dean of the Faculty with mutual understanding of the university and the internship institute. It shall be certified as well as evaluated after the completion of the program.

Admissions Open 2019-20