Faculty of Behavioral Sciences


A) Theory Examination

For each theory course there shall be two parts for evaluation: Part-I and Part-II with 20 and 60 marks, respectively.

Part I will be of multiple choice question type (MCQ) having five types of items – single response, multiple response, matching type, assertion and reasoning and fill in the blanks. In total 40 MCQs shall be asked in two hours with a weight of half mark each.

Part II shall consist of 10 questions. Question number one will be compulsory covering the entire syllabus of short answer type with ten sub parts of one mark each. Rest of the nine questions will be set with three questions from each unit. Candidates will be required to answer five questions out of these nine questions by selecting not more than two questions from one unit, where each question carries 10 marks. Thus total maximum marks for part two will be 60.

B) Internal Assessment

Internal assessment of 20 marks in each paper shall have the following distribution

1) Attendance =                      5 marks

2) Mid-term class test =          10 marks

3) Assignment =                     5 marks

C) Practical Examination

Practical examination of 100 marks will have the following distribution

1) Experimental performance=                                               40% marks, i.e. 40 marks

2) Viva Voce=                                                                       40% marks, i.e. 40 marks

3) Laboratory work report (Internal Assessment)=                20% marks, i.e. 20 marks

The marks of this component will be awarded by the department on the basis of attendance (5 marks), practical performance (5 marks) and report of practicals (10 marks).

D) Summer Training

The two months summer training starting soon after the 2nd semester examination shall be undertaken by every candidate in an institute/hospital/clinic/NGO/industry/service center to be allocated by the Dean of the Faculty. It shall be a supervised training with a professional who will certify the attendance and evaluate the training. Every candidate will submit a report which shall be evaluated through viva voce by the department during the 3rd semester. It shall be equal to 100 marks out of which the component of institutional supervisor will be 25 marks, report writing with internal supervisor of 25 marks and 50 marks for viva voce examination to be evaluated by a joint board of internal and external examiners.


 E) Field Training and Project Examination

Evaluation of project in semester IV will be out of 200 marks. The viva-voce examination of 70 marks and report writing of 70 marks to be evaluated by a joint board of internal & external examiner. Whereas 60 marks of internal assessment will be on the basis of the presentation of the synopsis and pre-submission presentation of the report in the department (to be evaluated by the supervisor and the Dean of the Faculty).

Further, the evaluation of internal assessment of field training shall also be based on the presentation, case reports and log sheets of training of 20 marks whereas the evaluation of 80 marks shall be based on viva voce and reports adjudged by the joint board of external and internal examiners.


 F) Marks scheme for the course

The course carries a maximum of 2200 marks out of this 1600 are of theory and 600 are of practical. The details semester wise and paper wise including internal assessment are as under:


Semester-I (Total Marks=500)


S. No. Course Title Marks  Total Marks
Internal Assessment End – term Examination
History of Psychology 20 80      100
Cognitive Psychology 20 80      100
Research Designs & Methods 20 80     100
4. Biopsychology 20 80      100
Practicum: Experiments 100      100


Semester-II (Total Marks=500)

S. No. Course Title Marks  Total Marks
Internal Assessment End – term Examination
Theories of Personality 20 80      100
Life Span Development 20 80      100
Statistical Techniques in Psychology 20 80     100
4. Psychology of Abnormal Behavior 20 80      100
Practicum: Testing 20 80      100


Semester-III (Total Marks=600)

S. No. Course Title Marks  Total Marks
Internal Assessment End – Term Examination
1. A)   Introduction to Clinical Psychology

B)    Introduction to Guidance And Counseling

20 80      100
2. A)   Psycho- diagnostics

B)    Assessment in Counseling

20 80      100
3. A)   Psychotherapy I

B)    Approaches to Counseling I

20 80     100


4. A)   Neuropsychology

B)    Counseling Process

20 80      100
5. A)   Field Training* (Clinical)

B)    Field Training* (Counseling)

20 80      100
6. Summer Training: 2 months      100


Semester-IV (Total Marks=600)

S. No. Course Title Marks Total Marks
Internal Assessment End – term Examination
1. A)    Childhood Disorders

B)    Areas of Counseling

20 80      100
2. A)    Psychotherapy II

B)    Approaches to Counseling II

20 80      100
3. A)    Personality Disorders

B)    Guidance & Counseling in Educational Settings

20 80     100
4. A)    Psychological Interventions

B)    Positive Psychology

20 80      100
5. A)    Project (Clinical)*

B)    Project (Counseling)*

60 140      200
Admissions Open 2019-20