Looking Beyond Conditioned Way

Looking Beyond Conditioned Way

We have a brain which is destined to be conditioned. The process of conditioning is so natural in life that we are hardly aware of the same. Right from the birth a child faces a surrounding which is designed to have readymade models of conditioning to impress upon. A very little scope is left for individual to grow independently. Though, the scope of independence is stolen by some who assert their odd thinking to look the other way. But the pressure of laid down readymade and time tested strategies is so strongly advocated that one learns the same without challenging them.

Social practices which become the norm of everyday life are so prevalent that their repeated appearances and support make one believe that this is the only best way to live safely. Man by nature is used to adopt the safer course and therefore accepts and keeps the wheel of life moving in the predicted way. In early childhood the psychophysical dependence makes a child a soft target to accept whatever is given. We hardly leave anything to chance and gradually the mind gets adapt to the process accordingly and opts the proven tricks of life. During this course of life the child learns to differentiate and associate the available things in fixed order to increase the survival value. The basic instinct of survival always dominates and therefore, the chance to use an alternate combination of things remains very small. That is understandable to some extent because the caretakers, mainly parents, during early days of child rarely use untested strategies or practices.

But as the independence grows with the age the process of conditioning keeps on influencing the behavioural patterns and determines the outcome in predetermined ways. The critical analysis of brain keeps on questioning the options available for any task to do and this may challenge the already established conditioned strategies. Generally the individuals with some independent thinking gather the courage to test the new options not yet tested. The available resources keep on suggesting to fall in line with the time tested routes. A good number of people naturally follow them and feel safe. The mind is conditioned to think accordingly over a long period of time. Those who see beyond are truly experimenting in nature and try to go for any innovative and creative options. They break the chain of conditioned patterns of mind. There is a risk of being unsuccessful but through this process only possibility of new successful strategy is achieved. This becomes a creative way. It reinforces the revolutionary pattern of thinking and leads the way to the critical thinkers. It becomes the example for others to come out of the set patterns or conditioned way of thinking.

As far as the level of satisfaction is concerned the creative way of life always is more rewarding and satisfying. It needs insight and courage to challenge the established route of achieving the targets. Insight is related to visualizing the things. It involves the logical patterns and capability of permutation and combination. The clearer is pattern of visualization the higher is the possibility of success. This is an ability which differs from individual to individual. This is the core attribute that makes the hero and champion. The crystal clear visualization is the requirement for increasing the level of confidence. This process indicates the impending dangers and challenges in due course of implementing the visualized plan. Therefore, a good visualizer always keeps the remedial strategies at hand to sort out the difficulties as and when they arise. For these remedial strategies also the mental trials are conducted to ascertain their best way of practical use. This is all part of insight. The repeated logical thinking in this regard ensures higher rate of success of the plan. This newer way of options is bargained only individually or with select confidantes. This unconventional thinking is like a gambling for few and looks like adventure. It involves unconditioned way of thinking.

The whole network of social fabric is woven in the conditioned way and is maintained with all social guards and strengths. It is considered that the robustness of the same is so well organized that it ensures the highest rate of best outcomes. This does not become hallmark for those who try to swim anti-current. In fact, they have an inbuilt mechanism of challenging the laid down standard procedure. Their success becomes the new milestone and their newly invented strategy gradually gets the support if the same ensures higher and better rate of success.

The hardware of human brain needs to have upgraded version of software of cognitive mental process to evolve new strategies for more meaningful living. This up-gradation is the task being accepted as challenge by the people who are not ready to accept the conditioned way of life always and use their available software support to upgrade the same for which the available software only becomes a tool. It is interesting that creativity is a self-improvement in the existing mental mechanism with its active version of software which is always ready to get upgraded but for which only few dare to accept the challenge.

The best way of living is to see beyond the conditioned ways of life to add more meanings and colours.

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