Faculty Members

Dr. Amra Ahsan, an Associate Professor & Associate Dean

Dr. Amra Ahsan

Offg. Dean


Being a professor and expert in health and wellness, I have vast expertise in instructing, mentoring, and advising students and professionals. My method of teaching is both practical and engaging. My ability to actively listen to others has helped me build rapport with my students, which has allowed me to learn more about their thought processes and motivations. In addition to my role as a teacher, I also devote a lot of time to trainings that focus on topics like Self-awareness, Mental Health, Stress Management, Leadership, and Personal and Professional Excellence. I have also been a mentor to students outside of the class environment. Beyond this, I have contributed to the comprehensive education of students at a number of institutions by conducting workshops on topics such as stress management and career planning.

In addition to my roles in the teaching and lab, I have contributed significantly to the Institutional IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell). It has been 10.9 years since I first took on the role of NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council) Coordinator.


I have obtained my doctoral degree in Psychology specialised in Clinical-Neuro Psychology from Aligarh Muslim University in 2012

Total Years of Work Experience:

  • 10.9 Years 

Email ID:

  • amra_fbsc@sgtuniversity.org

Teaching Interests:

  1. Cognitive Psychology
  2. Developmental Psychology
  3. Gender Psychology

Research Interests:

  1. Social Media
  2. Wellbeing/ Positive Psychology
  3. Personality and Individual Differences 

  4. Cognitive and emotion

No of Recent Publications:

  • 05

No of Conferences, Seminars & Workshops:

  • 03