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Faculty of Behavioral Sciences

The Faculty of Behavioural Sciences has a variety of psychology labs in both departments – Clinical Psychology and Audiology Speech language Pathology (ASLP). Our Labs have the state of the art facilities for psychology students – psychological test materials, experiment equipment, Auditory and Speech language pathology assessment equipment. Students use the Lab for a variety of practical assignments and project. They are familiarized with a variety of psychological testing and measurement equipment and given a free hand to try them out as well as prepare reports on the tasks. They also learn to study the psychological test norms and manuals so as to be able to score and interpret the results.

Name of the facilities Year of establishment
Psychological Testing Lab 2016
Psychological Experiment Lab 2016
Clinical Psychology Lab 2017
Auditory Lab 2018
Speech Language Pathology Lab 2018
Admissions 2021