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Sleep Difficulty & Its Management

The Faculty of Behavioral Sciences organized an impactful event on “Sleep Difficulty & Its Management.” Dr. Bhanupriya Rathore coordinated the workshop, which saw participation from various faculties.

The workshop aimed to create awareness about the importance of sleep in our lives. The speakers, including Prof. (Dr) M. Ejaz Hussain and Dr. Vikas Sharma, covered intriguing topics such as the neurophysiology of sleep, sleep disturbance in students, and psychological interventions for sleep difficulties. Dr. Drishti, a Resident Medical Officer, led a relaxing session on relaxation techniques (Yog Nidra) and discussed its significance in daily life.

The attendees found the knowledge shared during the workshop both insightful and beneficial. The Faculty of Behavioral Sciences looks forward to hosting more stimulating events in the future.

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