Healing Your inner self

Healing Your inner self

“My favorite things in life Don’t cost any Money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is Time”

-Steve Jobs

All of us are living in the society where everyone is running. Running behind perfection, running to score, running to achieve targets etc…etc….  From where this hurry has evolved from? Have you ever realized that all this needs a break and requires to be evaluated? Have you ever evaluated Why are you the way you are? Please think about the answers for these above stated questions and stop for a moment. Steel a moment from this busy life to evaluate not just what is left behind but to fix the broken pieces within you.

At times the childhood scars or the childhood neglect may cause many emotional problems with which people suffer in adulthood. Many a times people are not able to figure out what is the underlying cause of the same. When we are young our parents are our cheval glass and this glass could be two faceted. One could be calm and absorbing who could encourage the child to understand the importance of love, affection and discipline and the other one could be as cold as ice which could act critical and unfair with the tiny heart. Here is from where the construction of self begins.

There is no temporary alternative for a permanent suffering. Healing is not important for the body but it is important for the mind. As the scars on the body fade away but the wound on the soul needs to be attended. Healing the soul involves vigilance and strong will power. It is important to understand that whatever you are experiencing is just a normal reaction to a painful memory. It requires strength to accept the fact that I am in ‘pain’ but if you stay silent and deny this fact u are promoting victimization.

The following steps can help you in healing:

  • Open up about what happened to you
  • Seek help from someone you trust
  • Challenge your feeling of helplessness
  • Join a support group
  • Cope with guilt and shame
  • Accept that flashbacks are painful
  • Love your self and lay emphasis on your feelings

Always believe in yourself.

“Let me grow with whatever I have, let me be free and feel the beauty in my inner self.”

Devika Raje

Assistant Professor

Department of Clinical Psychology

Faculty of Behavioral Sciences

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