As we grow, we learn things by observing, through experiences and our family which plays an important role in shaping our behaviors and emotions. Some emotions and behaviors are acceptable and others are not defining on the situation, circumstances and that’s how we start to deal with situations accordingly. In most of the society, people are not aware as how to deal with situations, how to handle and regulate their emotions appropriately. Very less importance has been given to this area. When situations arise like in pandemic, many people have lost their loved ones, lost their job, some are finding difficult to accept, some are in denial, others are blaming themselves, others don’t know how to deal with their negative emotions and many more. Lack of awareness and information regarding better emotional regulation, coping and how it very important to the positive mental health is still lacking in these times. By psychoeducation and skills training, we could highlight the importance of emotion regulation skills in early years of life so that when difficult time comes, the individual has the appropriate skills and resources to deal with situation more effectively and can better work on their negative emotions that care very distressing for them.


Chandani Pandey

Assistant Professor

Department Of Clinical Pychology

Faculty Of Behavioral Sciences

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