Self Defence Training

Self Defence Training

Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences at SGT University organized a ‘ ‘ on March 5, 2021, under the guidance of our Self Defense Trainer Ms. Veena Gupta, Founder, Seam Group Services. She is bestowed with the title of ‘ ’.

Nowadays many roadside attacks are witnessed like chain snatching, acid attacks, or eve-teasing and rape. To keep ourselves safe from such attacks, self-defense techniques are very important.

Our program was designed to serve the same purpose. The female faculty members and students from various departments of the University participated in this event. They were engaged in various daily life-related role plays like how to react when some tease you in public places, tries to snatch some valuable item on street, tries to harass anybody, etc. The participation was overwhelming in all these activities.

Ms. Aastha Dhingra, along with her team of benevolent students managed the flow of the event and made it a huge success.

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