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Autism Diagnosis & treatment Approaches

SGT University, faculty of behavioural Sciences (FBSC) in association with Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) organised a one-day workshop event to commemorate World Autism Day on the theme ” Autism Diagnosis & treatment Approaches ” in the Department of Clinical Psychology at E block, 11.30 am onwards.
This event comprised two separate sessions addressing early intervention approaches on the topic of- “Applied Behaviour Analysis” (ABA) AND “Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention” (EIBI).  The Expert speakers of the session were Ms. Shadma Jahan, RCI Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Dr. Gurbani Kohli, Child and Adolescent Psychologist. Both the speakers discussed practical early intervention approaches using case vignettes and treatment techniques in the management of behavioural, sensory, social, and other educational related issues of ASD.
There was a plethora of information shared and discussed by expert speakers. All students actively participated in the workshop and found it very effective and informative. 

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